Do Elite Dangerous Ship Crews Profit from Trading Videos?

Unveiling the Lucrative World of Elite Dangerous Ship Trading

In the expansive cosmic realm of Elite Dangerous, the allure of riches through intergalactic trade has captivated countless virtual starfarers. As commanders navigate the vast reaches of the Milky Way, the opportunity to profit from buying and selling commodities between star systems presents itself as a tantalizing prospect. However, the question arises: do ship crews share in the spoils of these lucrative trading ventures? Delve into this article to explore the multifaceted world of Elite Dangerous ship trading and uncover the intricate relationships between commanders and their trusted crew members.

Does Ship Crew Take Profits From Trading Elite Dangerous Videos

The Commander’s Command

In the hierarchy of Elite Dangerous ship operations, the commander reigns supreme as the ultimate decision-maker. Commanders possess the sole authority to set course, initiate trades, and control the ship’s overall operations. This includes determining the allocation of profits among the ship’s crew. While the commander’s primary motivation might be amassing personal wealth, some commanders recognize the importance of a loyal and well-compensated crew.

Crew Loyalty and Fair Wages

A skilled and dedicated ship crew is indispensable for the success of any trading operation. Crew members perform a myriad of crucial tasks, including piloting, engineering, and managing the ship’s systems. Without their expertise, the commander’s trading ambitions would be severely hampered. Recognizing the crew’s pivotal role, many commanders opt to share a portion of their profits as a gesture of gratitude and to maintain crew morale.

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Individual Crew Contracts

In the realm of Elite Dangerous, each crew member is an independent contractor. Prior to embarking on a trading voyage, commanders and crew negotiate individual contracts that stipulate the terms of compensation. These contracts can vary significantly, with some crew members receiving a fixed salary, while others opt for a profit-sharing arrangement. The negotiation process is crucial in ensuring both parties understand the expectations and rewards associated with the venture.

Profit-Sharing Agreements: Aligning Incentives

Profit-sharing agreements offer an alternative to fixed salaries. Under this arrangement, crew members receive a percentage of the profits generated from successful trading ventures. This structure aligns the incentives of the commander and crew, encouraging collective effort to maximize earnings. By linking crew compensation to the overall success of the operation, profit-sharing fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.

The Importance of Crew Loyalty

Beyond financial compensation, crew loyalty is invaluable in the often-unpredictable world of Elite Dangerous. A loyal crew is more likely to stay engaged and contribute to the ship’s success, even during challenging times. Commanders who cultivate a strong bond with their crew members find themselves with a dedicated team that is willing to go the extra mile. This loyalty can often translate into increased profits and a more enjoyable trading experience.

The Risk Factor

Elite Dangerous trading is not without its risks. Encounters with pirates, hostile aliens, or unforeseen market fluctuations can lead to financial losses or even the destruction of the ship. In such situations, the allocation of profits becomes a critical issue. Some commanders may opt to distribute profits from successful trades equally among the crew, ensuring that everyone shares in the rewards as well as the potential losses.

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The Future of Elite Dangerous Trading

As Elite Dangerous continues to evolve, the dynamics of ship trading and crew compensation are likely to change. New trading mechanisms, ship upgrades, and even player-created markets may introduce novel ways for commanders and crew to profit from intergalactic commerce. The community-driven nature of the game ensures that the topic of crew profits will continue to be debated and discussed among the vast and passionate Elite Dangerous player base.


The question of whether ship crew take profits from trading Elite Dangerous videos is a nuanced one, with no universally accepted answer. Commanders and crew members negotiate individual contracts that determine the terms of compensation. Some crew members receive fixed salaries, while others opt for profit-sharing agreements that link their earnings to the overall success of the trading operation. Factors such as crew loyalty, risk tolerance, and market conditions all play a role in shaping these arrangements. In the end, whether ship crew take profits from trading Elite Dangerous videos depends on the specific relationship between the commander and their trusted crew.

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